Glazing specifications 

Wind load: Class C5
Water proof: Class E
Thermal proof depending choice of glass: 1, 0 - 1, 4 w / mqk
Sound proof depending choice of glass: 36-46 dB
With plywood technique - three-layered glued drying equipment, with a relative humidity of 10 to 12 degrees with a combination of natural and artificial drying.
Casement section 68mm 82mm. for the opening frames, 170X44mm. the flush all with plywood technique - three-layered glued (the casement towed flush is variable area, depending on the thickness of the wall that will arise during the project).
Leaves sectional 68mm 82mm. for the opening frames, 130mm 68mm. the sliding’s all with plywood technique - three-layered glued.
Opening & tillable mechanism with multiple sealing points, with the double wing Levy glazing (2nd sheet) with handle and roller mechanism with rollers, sliding heavy duty aluminum rail for sliding’s.
Double glass (float) European colorless for opening - tilt glazed sectional 4mm. each with a spacer of 16 mm. (4mm./16/4mm. Low-E), the outer pane is energy - N (processing basso emissivo).
Sills internally sectional 10x60mm. External cross 10x30mm. (only for opening - tilt).
Double seals around the frame at the junction of two sheets, and thresholds in the balcony doors. The sliding doors there is an extra rubber in compound of sheets for sealing between sheets of casement.
Soaking Flow-Coating and top coat with 4 stages water soluble lacquer in the color RAL, with protection filters UVA (absorbers) from ultraviolet solar radiation
Anodized aluminum gutter over the threshold for water outlet
Thresholds for aluminum doors, with integrated gutter
Wooden mask over the gutter (only glazing windows).

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