Specifications of shutters

Wood oven to 10-12 degrees relative humidity, with a combination of natural and artificial drying. Sheet section 60X60mm. solid or thick 36mm. plywood, with various designs. Frame section 60mm plywood. 10mm 30mm externally wooden fillet
Soaking Flow-Coating and top coat with 4 stages water soluble lacquer RAL, with protection filters UVA (absorbers) from the sun's ultraviolet radiation. Metal parts support shutters (French type with hinges) or extending hinges shutter mechanism , wind stops screwed to the wall, in black or INOX (304) with no rust and will not corrode, if imposed by the requirement of the project (homes in insular environment & general conditions in humidity and sea).

Type of shutters
The leaf surfaces of shutters are a canvas to create projects - mainly in the leaves of plywood which we can give a different style of construction.
Can we design :

  • fixed grille French type ,
  • grille with movable mechanism ,
  • slat in combination with bottom rail at the top or bottom of the sheet,
  • fully dashboard ,
  • dashboard with tilt middle bottom rail
  • Scratched ribbed type (vertical & horizontal etching) ,
  • Scratched type ribbed design with Z
  • straight
  • Straight with vents
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